The contents of Farrokhi jewelry, The contents of Farrokhi jewelry

The unique variety of diamonds in Farrokhi jewelry

انواع الماس  با ارزش 
 در جواهرات فرخی

As one of the most prestigious jewelry centers, Farrokhi Jewelry offers various diamonds in its products. These diamonds' beauty and high value always attract attention because of their unique features.

Farrokhi Jewelry Diamonds

Farrokhi Jewelry offers classified diamonds that include shiny diamonds with different cuts. This variety makes it possible for buyers to choose their favorite diamonds based on their taste and use.

Each diamond has characteristics such as weight, transparency, color, and gloss. It is important to determine its value and price. The diamonds offered in Farrokhi Jewelry are provided with high quality and a certificate of authenticity to ensure the originality and quality of this gemstone.