The contents of Farrokhi jewelry, The contents of Farrokhi jewelry

Methods of Preserving Jewelry

روش های نگهداری از جواهر با اطلاعات کامل برای حفظ ارزش چواهرات

Jewelry preservation practices can play a very important role in maintaining the beauty, brilliance, and durability of these precious objects. To properly store jewelry, the most important thing is to protect it from chemicals, oxidation agents, pollution factors, sweat, impact, and motor corrosion.

Jewelry care

Gold and silver jewelry should be cleaned using soft and clean handkerchiefs, away from chemical agents, and stored in boxes with soft cloths. The use of special jewelry boxes helps to prevent dryness and oxidation.

For jewelry with gemstones, movement shocks, and corrosions should be avoided, and special disinfectant and detergent solutions can be used for cleaning. Also, if necessary, it's best to go to a specialist jeweler to perform maintenance and repairs.