farrokhi jewlery
Farrokhi Jewelry

Farrokhi, with more than a century of experience in pioneering jewelry-making techniques, unique designs, and special gemstones, transforms each piece into a work of art with skill, modern equipment, and techniques.

Details & Elegance

Jewelry that wins your heart

We are with you with attention to detail and choosing the best.

جواهرات فرخی
جواهرات فرخی


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26 carat


0.13 carat
Farrokhi Jewelry

Unique material

The art of jewelry is a transcendent definition of beauty and creativity. Each piece of jewelry tells its own unique story, which together depicts splendor and beauty.

Boundless glory

Farrokhi jewelry is designed and made with precise details and the artist's sensitive eye, from original materials, forms, and combinations, and conveys emotions and beauty to you with wordless language.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Ideal quality
  • Infinite value
  • Made by the artist's hands

Trust that begins with authenticity.

Unique services in Farrokhi jewelry

اصالت جواهرات فرخی
خرید جواهرات فرخی

Design and manufacture of jewelry

Designing and making the most ideal jewelry, whatever you want.

گارانتی جواهرات فرخی

Exceptional guarantee service

Along with Farrokhi Jewelry Guarantee Service will surprise you.

مشاوره جواهرات فرخی

Advice on the selection and purchase

specialized services for the best choice of jewelry, according to your wishes.

گیفت جواهرات فرخی

We are with you for any occasion

With our distinctive services, we will give you originality and beauty.


Necklace Jewelry

جواهرات عروسی
جواهرات هدیه

Earring Jewelry

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Feeling touch, as beautiful as a diamond

We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of Farrokhi, where our legacy becomes yours.